För fyra minuter sen stängde vallokalerna i Kalifornien, och CNN har nu utropat Barack Obama till segrare. DN skrev "Storseger för Obama" redan när Ohio ansågs klart för en dryg timme sen.

CNN har f.ö. den bästa grafiken.


Jag har valvaka

Good Morning, America!

Just a few hours until the polls open. Speaking as one of the 4 billion or so whose lives are affected by the outcome of today's presidential election, but who are not allowed to vote in it, I want to urge those of you who do have that privilege to use it. So please vote! Please bring a friend or a relative to the voting station. Please don't think that your vote won't make a difference (remember Florida in 2000!). Please don't think that the outcome is already determined - it won't be until after the last vote is cast.

And if you're still undecided, I personally am convinced that America and the world will be a better place with President Barack Obama at the helm.

Thank you!

From New York 08 (1024)